General Contractor
  • Full-service general contractor

  • Plan and specification bidding capabilities

  • $1 million general liability insurance

  • Builders risk insurance

  • Payment and performance bond.

  • Safe, clean, and organized Jobsite

  • Insightful construction scheduling and supervision

  • 24 hour on-call emergency service

  • Weekly onsite construction meetings regardless of project size or phase of construction

  • 1-year warranty on all workmanship and equipment. Extended warranty available upon request

  • Digital close out a binder to include all project manuals, contact lists, and material data sheets, and as-built drawings in PDF format

  • 1-year project re-walk to address any issues prior to warranty expiration.

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Cost Estimation / Value Engineering
  • Construction budgeting services regardless of how preliminary the design.

  • Cost-saving redesign suggestions.

  • Material substitution and cost location breakouts of pricing for owner analysis

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Construction Management
  • Review the overall construction schedule with a general contractor and evaluate potential problem areas and milestone events.

  • Discuss, and evaluate scope changes.

  • Review change orders submitted by a general contractor and recommend a course of action.

  • Coordinate dry and wet utility installations.

  • Generate meeting minutes with action item list and assign responsible parties to complete outstanding tasks.

  • A digital photo log of the construction site to accommodate the weekly reports as needed

  • Review and certify that contractor’s pay application is a true and accurate representation of work complete.

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Design Build Coordination
  • Architectural coordination and full-scale design-build mechanical and electrical engineering services.

  • Lend our 35 years of experience to our clients, so they can avoid pitfalls during the design stage of a project before a project is lead too far down the wrong path.

  • Architectural coordination, and full-scale design-build mechanical and electrical engineering services.

  • Energy modeling coordination to analyze building envelope systems.

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Green / LEED Certified Construction
  • Project point analysis for USGBC rating system to include a matrix of probably points and certification level.

  • Energy Modeling to analyze different HVAC and building envelope systems and associated pricing.

  • Recycled material recommendations.

  • Water harvesting systems.

  • Construction waste recycling.

  • Indoor air quality management planning.

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